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Burnaby Towing Ltd is the premier tow truck company in town, thanks to our swift response times, friendly service, and safe, sound towing practices. Our company boasts a state-of-the-art fleet of flatbed trucks so you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is secure from start to finish.

Need a towing company with a flatbed truck? Call now! Reach our staff at (604) 715-2959.

Flexible Flatbed Towing

Allow us to help you with your flatbed towing needs. We have the experience and equipment to help you get the job done. Whether you need to plan ahead for the job or need something done on short notice, we are still the team to call.

We can help you tow your large equipment, small equipment, wrecked vehicles, or anything else in between. If you're curious about our service and how we can help you out, we'd love to hear from you and provide you with a quick quote on services. We're always available and ready to take your call. Take advantage of our flexibility if you need our help. We look forward to speaking with you.

Our Flatbed Towing Services

Our flatbed towing services are widely regarded in the area. Those who've used our services in the past have told us they would use no other towing company. We are committed to providing each client with satisfactory service in every regard. From customer care that reaches above and beyond to a towing knowledge and skillset that can handle any problem, there is no doubt that Burnaby Towing Ltd is the team for you to call for your flatbed towing needs.

Some services you may want to enlist us for include:

  • Vehicle towing
  • Heavy machinery towing
  • Light machinery towing
  • Motorcycle towing
  • Emergency towing
  • And more

Please take advantage of our fast response team if you ever need our assistance.

Quick Dispatch on Flatbed Towing

One of the most crucial elements of our success is our ability to dispatch a towing service quickly. As an experienced towing agency, we can confidently send a tow truck to you in no time. We are seasoned veterans and more than organized enough to handle any request you may have for us.

If you decide to contact us for your towing needs, we will send a tow truck to you as quickly as possible. We understand that our client's satisfaction is the key to our success as a business, and we will treat them as such. We offer:

  • Quick roadside help
  • 24-hour towing services
  • Affordable prices
  • Safe towing
  • Insured towing services
  • Knowledgeable staff

Take advantage of our excellent service whenever you need it. We'll be sure to help you as best as we can.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction in Towing

Don't be afraid to tell us about the towing service you need. We are always glad to accommodate any request that can utilize our flatbed towing services. We are known for our customer service. It's a reputation that we intend to uphold. Do you have a special towing request? Ensure we are the first team that you contact for the job. We're more than happy to oblige.

Contact our team today and see for yourself how we've earned our reputation as the area's finest flatbed tow truck operators.

Heavy Duty Flatbed Towing

Our flatbed towing services can accommodate towing your large broken-down vehicles. Whether you're right in town or on the outskirts, we are committed to getting to you as fast as possible and bringing your broken-down heavy equipment wherever it needs to be.

We always take great care to tow safely. In dealing with heavy equipment, many safety precautions must be taken. We never slack in terms of safety, which is one reason we have such a great track record. We double-check everything before setting off down the road with your truck or other heavy machinery.

Burnaby Towing Ltd: 24/7 Flatbed Towing Service

It doesn't matter when you call us. We are ready to help you tow. By offering a reliable 24-hour towing service, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the area as one of the finest tow truck businesses. We've proven our abilities on many occasions as reliable operators. Businesses and individual clients alike have learned to trust our team as the area's go-to 24-7 flatbed towing service provider. After many years of providing around-the-clock services, we are ready to help no matter how complicated your request may be.

If you need our help, please use our expertise in the towing field. Burnaby Towing Ltd provides unmatched towing convenience.

The Advantages of Flatbed Towing with Burnaby Towing Ltd

We guarantee a seamless flatbed towing experience. Once you work with us, you'll promptly see that you'll never need to hire another towing company ever again should you need one.

We pride ourselves on the ease of communication which we provide our clients, the accuracy of the information we provide, the friendliness and knowledgeability of our staff, and the overall reliability of our towing services. We have crafted a streamlined towing service throughout the years without any unnecessary obstacles, price gouging, or miscommunications.

Most times, when people need a towing service, they are not in a good situation. Burnaby Towing Ltd is here to provide you peace of mind in your stressful situation.

Do you need towing assistance? Please make use of our great services. You can reach us at (604) 715-2959 to get started.

Flatbed Tow Truck Service

Flatbed towing is the safest towing option in the industry. At Burnaby Towing Ltd, safety is our number one priority, which is why we’ve invested in several top-of-the-line, heavy-duty flatbed service trucks.

With a flatbed truck, you avoid tire wear and mitigate on-road risk. Your vehicle will be securely strapped onto the rear platform of our truck with high-strength restraints attached to every wheel. This ensures that your vehicle won’t be touching the road as we transport it safely.

Get your car off the road, and make sure it’s safe and sound while in transit too. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose Flatbed Towing

When there are so many different towing options, it can be difficult to determine which one you should choose. At Burnaby Towing Ltd, we are firm believers in all our towing options, but we especially stand by our flatbed towing for a variety of job types. There are many reasons to get a flatbed truck to tow your vehicle.

First, flatbed trucking is the most versatile option. Because it is a larger flat trailer, we can take most vehicles on it, using straps to secure any size vehicle. This means any car, SUV, or construction vehicle is well within our abilities. Flatbed towing is also extremely convenient and time-efficient since it requires no adjustments to your vehicle for a safe towing service. We simply crank your vehicle onto the trailer, and it is ready to be transported. Because it's held up off the road on the trailer, your vehicle will never suffer further damage while in transport, making flatbed towing the safest option.

If you're looking for a flatbed towing service that keeps your vehicle safe, saves time, and can be used for any vehicle, give us a call at (604) 715-2959.

We Tow Any Vehicle

Not all towing companies can offer to help you regardless of the type and size of your vehicle, but with our flatbed trucks at COMPANY%, we can handle almost any load you could have. Our flatbed trailers come in several sizes to allow a secure and safe towing platform for different sizes of vehicles, including small cars, SUVs, trucks, and even construction vehicles and equipment.

There is no limit to the help we can provide. With us you know, no matter what vehicle you need to get transported, you're getting an efficient and safe towing service on our premium flatbed trucks.

For a flatbed towing service that can help you with any size of the load, reach out to us today at (604) 715-2959.

Reliable Fleet of Flatbed Trucks

At Burnaby Towing Ltd, we understand that the only way we can offer to provide completely reliable towing services is by maintaining an outstanding fleet of towing vehicles. We always strive to offer you a consistent towing service that you can count on to take your vehicle safely and on time, no matter where you are or how far your vehicle has to go.

To do this, we manage our fleet like a well-oiled machine. Our vehicles are all regularly inspected to check for damages, wear and tear, and any issues that could become hazards while on the job. We also diligently maintain our vehicles' engines to avoid breakdowns and problems that could affect the punctuality and reliability of your service when you need it. It's our job to make sure our trucks never let you down because our towing company should always be depended on to transport your vehicle when you need it.

If you want to make sure your vehicle is being towed by a premium flatbed truck, choose a company that looks after its vehicles. Call us at (604) 715-2959 to have a top-quality flatbed truck sent to you right away.

Emergency Flatbed Towing Services

In all our years in business, there have rarely been clients who need towing services when they expect it. Usually, car towing happens when you have a surprise breakdown or problem with your vehicle and need it transported quickly to a mechanic. In these emergencies, you should always have a towing company you can count on to get your vehicle on its way, no matter the location or time of day.

Burnaby Towing Ltd offers a comprehensive emergency flatbed towing service, so you know you can be taken care of whenever you need it. Whenever your vehicle leaves you stranded, you can reach out to our team and have a flatbed tow truck at your location quickly, helping you get where you need to go at all hours of the day.

If you ever find yourself stuck with a broken vehicle, don't wait for a tow service. Get a company that cares enough to come right away when you call one of our towing specialists. Our emergency roadside services will ensure your car gets to your property or an auto shop right away!

Flatbed Towing Wherever You Are

Car troubles can happen anywhere along the road, even far from town, but that shouldn't affect whether you can get it towed safely. At Burnaby Towing Ltd, we firmly believe that whenever a client is in trouble with their vehicle, they should have a number to call that can get them no matter where they are.

If you're in a parking lot, on a rural back road, or on a busy highway with a car that won't run safely, you can always get the help you need from us. We will send a flatbed tow truck to wherever you are, making sure you can be on your way as soon as possible.

To ensure you're in the hands of efficient and reliable towing specialists no matter where your vehicle breaks down, give us a call at (604) 715-2959! We'll be thrilled to come out to you, bringing your car back to your desired destination.

Safe Flatbed Towing

The quality that defines an exemplary towing service isn't its speed or efficiency; it's the safety of the towing service. At Burnaby Towing Ltd, we're proud to offer a service with all of these qualities, but we especially put importance on delivering the safest flatbed towing services in the area.

We value the security of your vehicle while it's being transported. Some towing companies may rush to strap and transport your vehicle, causing unnecessary damage while on the road, but at Burnaby Towing Ltd, we never do this. We are careful to always secure your car safely to our trailer, and our drivers are always committed to driving with a steady hand that keeps your car safe while on the road.

Don't trust a towing company that only wants to move through clients quickly; get one with the attention to detail to keep your vehicle safe and in excellent condition. Contact us at (604) 715-2959 to book the safest flatbed towing service around.

Fast Dispatches for Flatbed Towing

As one of our most popular services, we work hard to ensure our flatbed trucks are always prepped for a speedy dispatch. We invest significantly in the purchase and maintenance of our flatbed vehicles—they’re always running at peak efficiently for an optimally safe haul.

Our clients consistently tell us how impressed they are with our response times. We tell them that we consider it nothing less than our responsibility to provide rapid dispatches. When you’re stuck on the road, you and your vehicle are at risk, and for us, that’s unacceptable.

Certified Towing Staff

Our staff is fully licensed, insured, and bonded to perform safe and reliable towing services for every kind of vehicle. From motorcycles to RVs, you can count on us to extract your automobile with unmatched precision and efficiency.  

With years of first-hand experience under our belts, we’ve set ourselves apart as the authoritative towing specialists in the area. More than our expertise, though, our clients appreciate our compassionate, personable approach to towing. We understand better than anyone how stressful a roadside incident can be, which is why we’re committed to offering our services in a kind and calm manner.

Safe. Efficient. Stress-free. Why tow your vehicle with anyone else?

Affordable Flatbed Truck Towing Service 

Quality service doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We believe part of the reason for our success as a business is our affordable pricing. We work tirelessly to streamline our business model and pass on cost savings to our clients wherever possible. Plus, we have no intention of keeping our fees hidden. When you give us a call, we’ll give you an upfront cost estimate of your service straightaway, calculated based on your specific needs for added accuracy.

If you need a towing service, chances are you're losing money already. We don't think we should add to that headache. We've built our reputation based on being a convenient, friendly, and effective option for everyone who needs us, and that's what you should expect when you call us. Get in touch with our team if you're curious about receiving a quote on a flatbed towing service or need to have us over immediately. Either way, we know you'll be pleased with the price we offer.

Schedule Your Flatbed Towing Service Today

It's never a bad time to contact Burnaby Towing Ltd for your flatbed towing needs. If you need our help, just call! One of our friendly phone representatives will explain everything to you in easy-to-understand terms and set your expectations straight for the rest of the service. Call us for your towing needs and join the legions of local clients we've helped in the past to complete towing satisfaction. We are always happy to help someone in need or provide them with information that helps them make their next decision with a little more towing savvy than they had before calling.

Choose the safest way to move your car from point A to B. Choose the flatbed towing services at Burnaby Towing Ltd. Our technicians are standing by, ready to assist you around the clock. Get in touch with us by calling (604) 715-2959 now to book your service.

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