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Jump Start

When your vehicle’s battery dies while you’re on the road, do you know who to call? Friends might be able to offer words of support, but they probably can’t jump start your vehicle. Thankfully, we can. Burnaby Towing Ltd is the towing company of choice when you need a jump start. Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road or in your company parking lot, we are the ones to call.

Promising fast response times, 24-hour emergency jump start service, and more, we are here for you. Call us at (604) 715-2959 whenever you are in need. We will get your vehicle on the road again in little time at all.

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Towing and Jump Start Services for You

We depend on our vehicles for so much. Without them, our days would fall into a state of disorganization. This is why it can be so frustrating when your vehicle’s battery days. There is never a convenient time to be stuck with a vehicle that won’t move, but it is always worse when you have such a jam-packed schedule. Time is of the essence in this day and age. Thankfully, we are here to make sure that your vehicle is operational again in little time at all.

Great Rates on Jump Starts

We understand how valuable our services are to motorists. Without a jump start, you might not be able to get to the nearest garage—or to your place of work. That said, we do not price our jump start car services based on their inherent value. We want to make sure everyone in the community can afford these services when they are in need. With rates like ours, you will never have to worry about exorbitant pricing.

Our rates bring motorists peace of mind. Alongside up-front affordability comes the promise of zero hidden fees and other surprises. We practice transparency at every turn, ensuring you aren’t surprised during the invoicing period. We tell you what the jump start costs at the very outset. We will inform you of changes in rates if we wind up performing additional services, as well.

Look to us when you want great rates and the promise of zero hidden fees. We know our clients want transparency, competency, and affordability—and that is exactly what we provide.

We Always Pick up The Phone

Our services mean nothing to the community if they cannot access them. You need a towing company that picks up the phone quickly and arrives on the scene as swiftly as possible. In short, you need a company like ours.

Car battery failure can occur at any time of day. In our experience as a towing company and providers of roadside assistance, these issues tend to arise at the most inconvenient of times. People notice that their battery has died in the morning before work, at the end of long workdays, and so on. In the worst of all cases, the battery will die will motorists are on the road and far from home.

As unfortunate as these scenarios might be, we want you to know that help is always within reach. Alongside our great rates comes the added promise of prompt service. It doesn’t matter whether you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, in a parking lot, or in your own garage. We treat every call with the urgency it deserves. Contact us when you are in need.

Your Trusted Roadside Assistance Company

Roadside assistance comes in many forms. Motorists sometimes need a spare tire, and other times they might need someone to tow their vehicle to the nearest garage for servicing. We are more than capable of offering these common services—but that’s not all we offer. One of our most in-demand services is the automotive jump start. We jump start—or boost—vehicles of all varieties. So long as your vehicle has a battery, we will be able to jump start it.

Burnaby Towing Ltd is the roadside assistance company you need when your vehicle’s battery dies midway through your commute. Our technicians provide quick response times and affordable prices.

Car battery dead? Call us now! Reach our operators at (604) 715-2959.

Car Jump Starts Explained

Every motorist will need at least a handful of jump starts in their vehicle’s life—but do you know what the purpose of the jump start is? Do you know what the process entails? Knowing a little bit about the jump start process will make you a more empowered motorist. You’ll know what to expect when you request roadside assistance and always know when you actually need a jump start.

In essence, we need jump starts when our vehicle’s battery is depleted of power. Roadside assistance providers like us remedy this situation by attaching the car’s battery to another vehicle or a reliable external power source. The power from the external source charges the disabled battery enough so we are able to turn on the vehicle’s engine. We can remove the external power source once the vehicle has turned itself back on. As you drive the vehicle, the battery will continue with the recharging process.

What are the limitations of the jump start process? There are few limitations that the average motorist will encounter, but one should always be mindful of attaching batteries of two different voltages to one another. Attaching a 6V system to a 12V system might lead to even worse problems. Thankfully, any professional knows how to sidestep problems such as these. The roadside mechanics on our team always know the right way to jump start a vehicle.

Will Jump starts Fix Dead or Frozen Batteries?

Unfortunately, a jump start cannot rescue a battery that has been damaged or frozen. Frozen batteries will have to defrost before they can benefit from a jump start. Those who attempt to charge a frozen battery might only wind up exploding the battery.

Do You Need an Emergency Jump Start?

Did you return to your vehicle to discover that your vehicle refuses to start? Are you in a hurry to get your vehicle on the road again? Help is not far. In fact, it just a phone call away. We are the towing company that offers 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. No matter the time of day, we’ll arrive on site with everything needed to get your vehicle on the road again.

Our licensed technicians are only one phone call away when your battery dies. As an industry-leading emergency jumpstart provider, we’re equipped to respond quickly. All you have to do is let us know where you’re located, and we’ll send over our closest technician.

For your convenience, our crews are equipped, on the road, and prepared to quickly respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Don’t wait for hours by the roadside for someone to offer to lend a hand. Get back on the road in no time with our fast and budget-friendly services.

What to Do When You Can’t Jumpstart Your Car

While you may have jumper cables on hand, not everyone feels comfortable approaching a stranger and asking for a boost. In some cases, there may not be any cars around to get your car started again. If you find yourself wondering what you should do when you can’t jumpstart your vehicle, our services solve your problem.

Our uniformed professionals arrive quickly, with everything we need to get your battery working reliably again. Just give us a quick call to let us know where you are, and we’ll send one of our crew over to revive your battery swiftly and safely.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Jump Start?

Our pricing is based on your location and how much time and equipment is needed to get your car running properly again. If you’d like to know precisely how much it will cost to get a jump start, call our team any time of day or night for a risk-free estimate.

We’re proud to offer reliable prices that make our services affordable for budgets of all sizes. Contact us today to request a risk-free quote.

How to Know You’re Dealing with a Dead Car Battery

When your car won’t start, there could be several reasons. If you’re wondering whether the culprit is a dead or dying car battery, our experts have put together the following list of signs that will tell you your battery is starting to die:

  • Your headlights appear much dimmer than usual
  • Your battery begins to die on its own without you leaving lights or the radio on
  • When you turn the key, you hear an unmistakable clicking noise
  • It smells like rotten eggs under your hood
  • Your check engine light is on
  • You can see corrosion on the connector pieces
  • You notice electrical issues

If you’re not sure whether the problem lies with your battery or your alternator, our experts can help. Reach us any time to request immediate assistance.

What Happens When You Jump Start a Battery on Your Own?

It’s important to take precautions to avoid injury and damage to yourself or either vehicle when attempting to jumpstart a battery on your own. To start, jumper cables must be adequately attached to prevent the risk of electrical shock, sparks, and more.

Both vehicles also risk experiencing costly electrical damage if one is bigger or more powerful than the other or if the cables are placed incorrectly. Our services help you steer clear of these problems and give you peace of mind knowing your battery is charged and has been looked at by a professional. Give us a call to discuss your needs with a certified car battery jump-start expert.

What to Expect from Our Vehicle Jump Starts

When your battery fails, it can seem like you’re stranded with no help. Luckily, in our region, that’s not true. We’re always here for you with licensed services that make keeping your car in good condition easier.

Here’s what you can expect from our vehicle jumpstarts:

  • Courteous professionals in uniform who work quickly to understand the problem
  • Well-maintained equipment that’s always safe and ready to use to get your battery working again
  • Fast response from our licensed technicians who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Value-driven rates that are honest and fair, with no hidden fees
  • Industry-leading safety considerations for jumping vehicles of all makes and models
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re going to be back on the road fast

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote you’ll love. Call now to speak to a certified technician.

What Makes Us the Best Jump Starter for Your Car?

We’re not the only company that offers battery services, so what makes us the best jump starter for your car?

Our long history of supporting vehicle owners and a proven record for impeccable customer service combined with fair, honest pricing sets us apart. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay a premium when you’re down on your luck just because your car won’t start.

When you enlist us to bring a dead battery back to life, you can trust us to do it right the first time. We’ll ensure that no damage to your vehicle occurs at any time during the process.

We Come to You with Jump Start Cables and More

When you call us, you won’t have to worry about whether you have cables and the equipment needed to get a boost. We come to you with jumpstart cables and whatever is required to get you back into your driver’s seat safely and comfortably.

If you’re unsure if your battery is causing the problem, there’s no need to worry. Our expert technicians will be able to help you determine what condition your battery is in after a quick examination.

A Full Suite of Fast Car Boost Services

Whether you drive a motorcycle, truck, car, SUV, van, or any other vehicle, we’re proud to offer a full suite of speedy car boost services. All you have to do is get in touch with our team to tell us what type of vehicle you drive, and we’ll ensure you’re met with the right tools and technology to revive your battery with a full charge.

If you’re considering waiting it out until someone else arrives with cables, we urge you to reconsider. Don’t risk damaging your vehicle’s electrical system with under or overpowered power transfers. Connect with us today to explore quick service and rates that won’t break the bank.

Your First-Choice Jump Start Car Service Team

We are proud to be the primary provider of jump start services in the area. Our certified auto technicians successfully perform hundreds of jump starts every year, and yours will be no different.

When we arrive on-site, our professionals will make quick work of securing the area and connecting your battery to ours with heavy-duty cables. Then, we’ll start up our car to charge up yours! Rest assured, we’ll bring all the necessary tools and safety equipment to get the job done and prevent damage to your vehicle.

Reliable Jump Start Service

Unfortunately, you can’t control when your battery runs out of juice. Fortunately, you can know that when it does, we’ll be available to help. That’s because our technicians have flexible availabilities and work hard to be there for you when you need us most.

Lightning-Fast Dispatch Times

When we receive a call, our team immediately leaps into action mode. Our operators quickly gather all pertinent information over the phone, such as your location, vehicle type, and needs. Then, we pass the information on to our on-call technicians, who rapidly collect the appropriate equipment and hop into one of our heavy-duty service vehicles to come to your rescue. Rest assured, as locals, we’re extremely familiar with local highways and road networks—we’ll take the fastest route to your location, every time.

The bottom line is, we don’t make our clients wait around.

Affordable Car Jump Services

We operate our business on the principle that motorists in emergency situations shouldn’t pay more than they have to. That’s why we conduct our roadside services as we would like if we were in your shoes—that is, for a fair price.

We’re pleased to offer our clients upfront, no-obligation quotes. Just give us a call, tell us about the service you require, and we’ll let you know what it will cost before we send a technician your way. We perform our battery boost services within the quoted prices that our operators provide, every time. That way, there’s no guesswork involved at all, and you can plan accordingly.

Certified Auto Technicians

We understand that you don’t want just anyone under the hood of your car. You want to know that your vehicle is in good hands. At Burnaby Towing Ltd, all our auto technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded professionals with years of hands-on experience to back up their training. You can trust us to complete your battery jump start service with skill and care.

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Discover why Burnaby Towing Ltd is the roadside assistance provider of choice in the area. Day or night, we’ll restart your car with the speed, efficiency, and diligence that has become our hallmark.

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