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A parking lot’s primary function is the efficient use of space to host vehicles. However, even the most spacious parking lots can become congested, crowded, or be rife with disorganized, inconsiderate parking. If you’re a property manager of a residential building, commercial property, or any space in a high-demand area, consider Burnaby Towing Ltd’s parking enforcement services. Our parking enforcement officers can provide your complex with an added layer of security, providing an easy, stress-free parking experience for your visitors. To get the most out of your parking complex, call (604) 715-2959 today.

Enforcement of Parking Lot Rules

Every parking complex has its own set of rules designed according to the regulations in a given city. Our parking enforcement officers will guarantee that your parking lot’s rules are followed down to the letter. Our job is to ensure that your parking complex is free of any infractions by:

  • Ensuring the safety of vehicles
  • Creating parking rules
  • Verifying your lot is free of parking-related issues
  • Ensuring the convenience of drivers

The best way to ensure that anyone who enters or exits your parking complex follows the rules is through a parking enforcement service.

Parking Enforcement for Peace of Mind

Any property manager wants to make sure that their space is taken care of and free of any issues. Our parking enforcement service can grant you peace of mind by carefully maintaining traffic flow and enhancing public safety. It’s an optimal choice for private spaces, as our parking officers will ensure that your complex is accessed only by authorized personnel such as:

  • Customers
  • Staff
  • Guests

You won’t have to worry about trespassers or any unauthorized drivers using your parking complex and taking parking spaces from your guests.

Additional Safety with Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement can significantly increase the level of safety within your parking complex. Not only do we keep your space clear of undesignated visitors, but we can also aid in the prevention of collisions and accidental mishaps. We uphold the rules within your space and make your parking lot safer by monitoring your fire route, ensuring valid permits on private property, overseeing parking in non-designated areas, and towing vehicles that are blocking required exits.

By managing your traffic flow, you can decrease the likelihood of vehicle collisions. Further, we can keep traffic lanes open and ensure that emergency vehicles aren’t blocked from critical areas. Parking enforcement can reduce traffic levels on the whole, which makes this especially ideal if your space is near a school or community venue. Burnaby Towing Ltd has what it takes to keep your guests and the local area safe.

Careful Towing of Parked Vehicles

Burnaby Towing Ltd has years of experience in the field of towing cars, and we put our skills to great use through our parking enforcement service. Our staff are responsible for the enforcement of parking lot regulations and are fully capable of towing cars parked in violation of the rules. We can remove the vehicles of undesignated guests, vehicles parked across spaces, and vehicles that are dangerously blocking traffic lanes and emergency exits.

Our drivers are fully licensed and insured, and we equip ourselves with the highest-quality towing equipment. As such, we have what it takes to remove a vehicle safely, without causing any damage to the towed car or any surrounding vehicles. From parking enforcement to vehicle removal, Burnaby Towing Ltd has it covered.

Parking Enforcement Presence and Deterrence

Like any form of security, the simple presence of a parking enforcement officer can provide your staff or guests with peace of mind. If you have a vast parking complex, you can ease the stress of any visitors by having an enforcement officer on site. When a guest notices that you have someone enforcing the rules of your parking space, they’ll recognize that you care about the safety of your visitors.

The larger a parking lot is, the more likely it is to be the source of vandalism and theft. The bigger a space is, the easier it is to move through it undetected. Not only will the presence of an enforcement officer deter any would-be parking violations, but they can significantly reduce the chances of break-ins and vandalism within your parking space. Burnaby Towing Ltd provides our clients with the chance to stop crimes before they occur.

Parking Enforcement Through Video Surveillance

If your parking lot is outfitted with security cameras, our agents can carry out the responsibility of monitoring your complex. Video surveillance allows our staff to keep a birds-eye-view of your parking complex. Our enforcers can watch multiple parts of your parking area simultaneously and see around corners and past blind spots. Video surveillance is one of the most efficient ways to monitor a parking complex and spot any infractions as they arise.

Environmental Benefits with Parking Enforcement

An often overlooked benefit of parking enforcement is the environmental benefits. By ensuring that traffic flows through your space efficiently and congestion is decreased, visitors will be able to move through your complex easily and quickly. Naturally, pollution is significantly reduced, and the air quality around your space improves. When we direct your drivers to available parking spaces, they’ll spend less time driving around, looking for parking, and thus produce fewer emissions.

Parking Enforcement Can Help Your Local Community

Reliable parking enforcement improves the turnover of any parking complex. Fast parking turnover makes life easier for anyone living close to your business or public facility. Busy sites create huge inconveniences for residents, and sometimes they can result in a surge of inconsiderate or dangerous parking attempts as drivers compete for spaces. Having a parking enforcement officer on your premises can keep your space safe and keep anyone in proximity to your space safe as well.

Variable Parking Enforcement Packages and Services

Burnaby Towing Ltd provides parking enforcement to accommodate any space at any time. If there are certain hours where your space could benefit from parking enforcement, let us know. Give us a call, speak to our friendly customer service staff, and let them know what you’re looking for. We’ll create a customized plan that caters to your needs and provides your visitors with a safe, seamless parking experience.

Burnaby Towing Ltd’s Parking Enforcement

Burnaby Towing Ltd is a local leader in parking enforcement services, providing top-tier management solutions for small and large business owners alike.

Do you need reliable parking enforcement for your lot? Call Burnaby Towing Ltd now! Reach us at (604) 715-2959 to request your quote.

Full-Service Parking Enforcement Company

We are a fully licensed and insured company that provides private property owners with diligent, reliable parking enforcement at any scale. Ensure the safe and effective movement of traffic in and out of your property with our surveillance options.

Our technicians are well-versed in all local parking regulations and by-laws. We are in regular contact with local police authorities so that we’re always up to date with any new or updated policies. When we identify a parking violation on your property, we’ll safely and respectfully tow the vehicle in question by following all appropriate protocols.

Some examples of these violations are:

  • Parking in front of a fire escape route.
  • Parking on private property without a permit.
  • Parking in a designated handicapped space without a permit.

Rest assured, at Burnaby Towing Ltd, we are meticulously organized to better serve our clientele. We maintain detailed documentation of all our on-site activity so that there are records available should any disputes arise.

Private Parking Enforcement Consultations

If you’re considering increasing the safety of and streamlining the traffic in your private parking lot, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with one of our experts.

Navigating the communication between the public, police, and city managers can be an overwhelming task, but our company exists to demystify the process for business owners. At a time that’s convenient for you, we’ll go through the details of your property, needs, and budget with you. Step by step, we’ll determine the most cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable enforcement solution for your property.

When we have a firm grasp of the scope of the job, our agency representatives will calculate and present you with an accurate cost estimate of our services. For your convenience, our quotes are full written reports that include complete breakdowns of all labor and equipment fees.

With us, transparency is the name of the game. Book your no-obligation consultation with us today.

Comprehensive Private Parking Control

Our company has the skills and resources to conduct prudent, engaged security measures on all kinds of properties. We currently operate in on- and off-street areas with enforcement programs tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

Some examples of the types of property lots we manage are:

  • Storefronts
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • And more

Licensed Parking Enforcement Officers

Our team of officers is committed to enforcing parking regulations and removing unauthorized vehicles safely and correctly. We are fully certified to handle all aspects of parking enforcement and are trained to remain calm and professional in all interactions with the public on-site. Plus, our team will always be professionally uniformed for security purposes.

Find the Perfect Parking Enforcement Solution For Your Property

Proper parking enforcement facilitates smooth traffic in and out of your property and creates a safe and secure environment for your clients to leave their car. If you’d like to discuss the top-tier security solutions available to you with Burnaby Towing Ltd, we invite you to book a no-obligation consultation with one of our representatives today.

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